Some possibilities and settings of the Mobile version



1) The main MENU

The menu of the mobile version is accessible via the "three small dots" icon at the top right in the title bar of your mobile screen. It contains the following menus:

Attention, this is very useful!
If you give access to your mobile application to other users (representatives, customers, suppliers, etc ...)
it is possible that you do not want allow it to consult your purchase prices or that it risks by error in generating certain documents such as invoices or credit notes.

Synchronize user settings with the mobile version:

In your home version, click the Utilities -> Import-Export documents to mobile phone menu to send them to the server.
(or more simply, click the icon that represents a mobile phone at the top right of your screen, just to the left of the calculator icon)
Then in your Mobile version, click the menu Download database, then, still in the mobile, in the Settings menu, select the user -> Variable: Select Username: select the designated user.

2) The operation